I'm convinced that Remote Access helped keep our firefighters safe while on scene. 
Mike Wills, Capt Ret PBFD
Remote Access is a powerful family of products that every fire department in the nation could benefit from. 
Steve Haston, EmergMgmt Coordinator
The Remote Access (RA) application has been a tremendous benefit.  RA resides on mobile computers in the vehicles and integrates with our CAD to provide immediate access to hydrant, preplan, hazard, and utilities information before arrival.
Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services

Infinite Command - Innovative Web Application



From the cloud to your desktop, to your dash, or to your hand – Infinite Command

Infinite Command is the evolution of a suite of products from Progressive Intelligence Technologies, who has been delivering situational awareness and tactical response software to fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies for years.  Public safety agencies rely on Infinite Command to combine enhanced mapping and information management to support your decisions on scene, in the office, and beyond. 

Cloud solutions are now widely regarded as the most powerful and cost effective business options available today.  Infinite command delivers cloud subscription services that expertly combine value, speed, agility, and flexibility without sacrificing your budget or performance. 

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Infinite Command

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