Remote Access is a powerful family of products that every fire department in the nation could benefit from. 
Steve Haston, EmergMgmt Coordinator
The Remote Access (RA) application has been a tremendous benefit.  RA resides on mobile computers in the vehicles and integrates with our CAD to provide immediate access to hydrant, preplan, hazard, and utilities information before arrival.
Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services
I'm convinced that Remote Access helped keep our firefighters safe while on scene. 
Mike Wills, Capt Ret PBFD

Targeted Services


At Progressive Intelligence Technologies, we hold our relationship with clients as a valued partnership.  Through Targeted Services, we are committed to consultation without predisposition or bias.  Our Targeted Services team accounts for the unique and complex nature of today’s public safety practice, tailoring its approach to each client’s unique technology challenges. In the office or in the field, we are a first stop for assistance in evaluating, selecting, implementing, training, administering, hosting, or advising on your technology challenges.

As local government officials endeavor to be increasingly resourceful and cost-effectively develop value for their communities they’ve turned to Progressive Intelligence Technologies for unmatched expertise, creativity, discipline, and methodology. Our Targeted Services present a variety of benefits and cost savings.  From vision to victory, and at each milestone along the way, we are uniquely prepared to deliver your success. 



Records Management System Reviews

Decades of unrestricted access to all sizes of agencies combined with a highly regarded consulting practice have prepared our Targeted Services practice to include a new Records Management System Review.  Effective management of your data can make a significant difference in how your organization will operate.  This service is focused on maximizing data integrity and developing sound processes/procedures as well as proper analysis and reporting.

Focused on your success, we will take the time to understand your unique needs, we’ll apply a systematic method to assessment, and we’ll follow-up with disciplined but creative guidance.  An RMS Review will be most beneficial before you begin preparing for an ISO or accreditation evaluation, if you are measuring performance or benchmarking to comply with standards, and especially if you haven’t received a comprehensive and unbiased RMS assessment in the last 5 years.   A comprehensive and unbiased review, matched with an industry-wide best practices recommendation, is a sound investment in the data that you rely on for your most common and your most critical decisions.   


GIS & Mapping Solutions

Everything happens at a time and a place.  Progressive Intelligence Technologies expert team of GIS practitioners is dedicated to helping First Responders safely protect their communities using information and analysis to make a variety of decisions from the office to the field of operations.

 Leverage our GIS Services to realize the layers of potential:

  • Information Analysis
  • Monitoring Services
  • Multi-discipline integration
  • GIS Training and Best Practices
  • Support & System Administration


Preplan Drawing Conversion/Digitizing

For many years, fire departments and more recently Schools, SWAT and Tactical Response Teams have been developing pre-incident planning information, typically comprised of an on-site inspection, the creation of a building schematic, and supporting text-based data on occupancy, hazards, construction, etc.  This information is collectively referred to as a Pre-Plan. 

In cases where an agency still utilizes pre-plans that have been hand drawn, Progressive Intelligence Technologies can help in two ways:

Conversion of your hand drawn pre-plans: Our Team will take your run books and convert them into a digital image in one of the most popular and industry standard graphics file formats.  Our conversion staff is very experienced in converting these drawings, and adding standardization to the variations typically found in drawings. 

Conversion of architectural permit drawings: Our teams of dedicated pre-plan conversion specialists know what to look for in an architectural drawing.  Having created pre-plans from many thousands of drawings for fellow fire departments and SWAT teams, our dedicated pre-plan conversion teams get the drawings done quickly, and right the first time. 


Technical Support

In Public Safety, when you could be called to serve at any moment, the last thing you need to worry about is staying up with technology or getting assistance at the moment you need it.  Our software solutions are built by first responders - for first responders. Like your community depends on you, you can depend on us to promptly and expertly respond to your calls for assistance.  Our help doesn't stop when the call is over or the remote session is closed.... we are constantly communicating and driving the conversation forward through social media, emails, website, seminars, local and national conferences, with industry leaders, and beyond.  


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