The Remote Access (RA) application has been a tremendous benefit.  RA resides on mobile computers in the vehicles and integrates with our CAD to provide immediate access to hydrant, preplan, hazard, and utilities information before arrival.
Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services
Remote Access is a powerful family of products that every fire department in the nation could benefit from. 
Steve Haston, EmergMgmt Coordinator
I'm convinced that Remote Access helped keep our firefighters safe while on scene. 
Mike Wills, Capt Ret PBFD



The Progressive Intelligence Technologies team brings decades of experience to the table, both as technology practitioners and as government consultants.  Our processes have been described as 'well-defined' and 'engaging'.  Our results are incomparable.  



Municipal Technology & Information Execution Plan (mTEP)

We’ve found that while government entities have implemented (in some cases numerous) information systems and technology, they’ve often not resolved the problems and bottlenecks that consistently occur due to a lack of overall planning and execution.  The result is that the benefits of the new systems/solutions are not realized, further diminishing the benefit to the city the organization and the community.  To maximize returns on a city's investments, we’ve developed the mTep process and review. 

The mTEP encompasses many tasks that verify the levels of need and priorities for new and existing technologies, systems, procedures, and processes. Numerous issues are explored to determine recommendations, such as user experience, data sources and requirements, levels of information sharing, evaluation of manual procedures, and systems requirements.

A key component of the mTEP is the identification and analysis of existing and required information management systems.  Technology and systems facilities and capabilities are evaluated for their ability to support the existing and projected user needs. If additional capabilities are required, the type, amount and costs of the systems are identified. Charts and diagrams clearly depict existing and recommended systems, with budget amounts for all items clearly identified.


Vendor Evaulations and Selection

If the mTEP indicates either the need for a new system or need to enhance your current system, Progressive Intelligence Technologies helps you to select the appropriate software and hardware. Through regular evaluations of a wide variety of vendors and systems, we recommend the solutions that best fit your needs and objectives for the most reasonable costs. We also analyze such important issues as vendor support and service, software approach, hardware expandability, and financial stability.

Because Progressive Intelligence Technologies is committed to providing independent, objective recommendations, we firmly decline all invitations to become affiliated with any systems or product vendors. We do not receive any revenue from any source other than consulting with local governments.


Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

If systems are to be selected for implementation, many times they are non-proprietary and can be procured through a competitive proposal process. This process assures your organization the lowest cost possible for the selected items, but requires special efforts. The RFP terminology and conditions must be broad enough to encourage the maximum competition; yet rigorous enough to ensure the proposals are qualified. Progressive Intelligence Technologies has had the benefit of having authored numerous RFP's and can develop the best one to match your requirements.


Contract Negotiations

After recommending the most qualified vendors to meet your needs, Progressive Intelligence Technologies can assist in negotiating the best possible contract. Contract negotiations go well beyond the selected information systems components and pricing, and include such critical items as delivery times, new product releases, warranties, payment terms and product acceptance clauses. Because contract terms and conditions will affect the success of your future system and vendor relations, Progressive Intelligence Technologies works closely with your attorneys to develop appropriate contracts.


Process Re-engineering & Workflow Analysis

Developing efficient processes using Progressive Intelligence Technologies’ methodology will insure that new applications and systems provide your organization with the highest return on investment (ROI). Evaluating current processes and identifying areas for improvement helps your organization utilize new techniques and technologies, thus enabling you and your staff to provide the best service possible.

Procedure manuals prepared by Progressive Intelligence Technologies will smooth your organization's transition to newly implemented manual and automated procedures. These manuals can be used either as training tools for new staff or reference guides for experienced staff. Procedure manuals increase personnel productivity because they standardize jobs and processes. At the same time, new staff requires less formal training because the reference tools and guides area alredy in place.  


Information Technology Services and Interim Management

For organizations in need of additional IT support at all levels, Progressive Intelligence Technologies provides various services that help enhance or manage your IT resources. These services assist your organization by providing assistance to your current IT staff or by acting as your “adjunct” IT Department/Manager. The list of duties includes many of the requirements your organization would have for internal staff. Management, budget and planning, technical, user training and system support issues can all be covered by these services and provide your organization with a cohesive and complete implementation of the information systems goals established by your organization. We can also provide interim management of an agencies information technology operation on an ongoing full/part-time basis. Staff can work with key executive staff to shape technology strategies, aid in critical system selections, and moving critical operational projects forward.


Information Systems Implementation Management

Working with your key staff, Progressive Intelligence Technologies ensures the implementation of the selected systems is successful and that the vendors follow the terms of their contracts and their representations. Through regularly scheduled status meetings with your staff, our team, and vendor support teams, any issues can be addressed. Realistic expectations are set as to system performance, operational and training requirements. Together, we ensure that possible delays in implementing the technology are identified and addressed before they jeopardize your success. As part of our strategy to be a single source for services to local government, Progressive Intelligence Technologies can also include digitizing and scanning as part of its implementation services. Technologies such as Public Safety Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems and Facilities Management require the entering of numerous maps, facility drawings, situation and location schematics etc. into a graphics system. Progressive Intelligence Technologies is the facilitator that can provide all the resources necessary to make yours a successful and cost effective implementation.


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