The Remote Access (RA) application has been a tremendous benefit.  RA resides on mobile computers in the vehicles and integrates with our CAD to provide immediate access to hydrant, preplan, hazard, and utilities information before arrival.
Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services
Remote Access is a powerful family of products that every fire department in the nation could benefit from. 
Steve Haston, EmergMgmt Coordinator
I'm convinced that Remote Access helped keep our firefighters safe while on scene. 
Mike Wills, Capt Ret PBFD

Dedicated GIS Solutions

Everything happens at a time and a place.  Progressive Intelligence Technologies expert team of GIS practitioners is dedicated to helping First Responders safely protect their communities using information and analysis to make a variety of decisions from the office to the field of operations.

Leverage our GIS Services to realize the layers of potential:

  • Information Analysis
  • Geocoding and Geo-Validating Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Multi-discipline integration
  • GIS Training and Best Practices
  • Support & System Administration

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